Join KulDew Cloud to grow your business

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Pan India Verified car owner connect
  • Quick & Easy to Book Cab across India: Outstation I Local ( Holiday Travel & Business)
  • KulDew Partner App to manage business on fingertips
  • Instant Billing / GPS Tracking for your Customer
  • Share quick quotation with customer online / whatsapp / SMS
  • Build your Brand - Entire booking with your Brand
  • Do your business in Style
  • Get your own website with complete booking engine
  • One click Broadcast and receive Quotations
  • Quick commission settlement (even if customer pays entire amount in cash to cabdriver)
  • Decide your own profit for each booking
  • All drivers are equipped with Driver App. Trip starts / ends only with OTP
  • Multiple Payment options: Online Payment I Cash Payment
  • Do your business in Style

Customer Benefits

Secure and verfied service provider

Otp based trip start stop

Gps tracking

Instant billing

Auto notifications
on booking confirmation/driver details

Heigh tech professional platform

Booking / Billing
on your name

Pan India car owner connect

  • Verified Car network across India

  • Each car owner registers on KulDew Cloud
    with all valid documents such as Aadhar, PAN, Driving license, Insurance T permit Fitness

  • Car goes out of Inventory If any document is expired

  • All Car owners are equipped with
    KulDew Driver app

  • Your customers get GPS Tracking link

  • OTP based trip start and stop to ensure correct billing

  • Review and rating system to help you choose right car

  • KulDew Partner App to manage business on fingertips

  • You can add new bookings / share quotations / allocate car from this app

  • Receive live updates on all your trip like Trip start, Trip stop

  • Track your ride

  • Access billing information

Sales tool for
Quick Business closure

  • It offers complete sales tool that includes sharing professional quotations to your client instantly.
  • Folloup with your client for the shared quotation
  • Your client can view quotation and confirm booking
  • Option to collect advance payment online from the customer

White Labelled website with booking engine


You get your own
website with
Pan India car network


You can share
your website with
your customers for
online booking anywhere
in India


You earn
your commission
for each booking done


Your website
will help you grow
your brand


Your website will be
a very good marketing
tool to share on facebook/

One click Broadcast and receive Quotations

• Pass bookings within your personal friends network for free.
• Car owners will see your booking in their app and whoever is willing to accept will pickup booking
• You will be given choice of cars ready to fulfil your booking with their ratings
• You can choose the car and confirm your booking

Quick Commission Settlement
  • No hassle of commission.
  • KulDew ensure you get your commission settled
    in your wallet instantly.
  • Even if your customer pays entire cash to car
    owner you be rest assure of your commission.
Freedom to decide Commission
  • KulDew Cloud offers complete freedom to decide your own commission for your booking.
  • For each booking you can decide your commission.
  • Customer doesn't get any information regarding your commision.