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How to register on KulDew Cloud ?

By visiting https://www.kuldew.com/ or downloading the KulDew partner app, sign in the account and fill all the details.

How to create a new booking?

Step 1: Enter Trip itinerary, select car type and click Submit.
Step 2: System will automatically show Market rate acceptable by Car owners.
Step 3: You can enter customer rate as agreed and Vendor price to offer.
Step 4: After entering customer rate click on “Get price”. System will generate total billing price.
Step 5: Difference between Customer price and Vendor price is your commission. Enter customer Name and mobile number.
Step 6: You can enter Trip Itinerary, Select Generate Duty slip option if you want to generate Duty slip.Driver app will ask for customer signature on trip end.
Step 7:

Share Quotation Pay by Me
Click on Share Quotation, System will send Quotation link by SMS on customer’s number. Select this option if you don’t want guest to pay any amount to driver. Entire amount will be bill to you.
Customer can open to view booking details and confirm booking by OTP or by making advance payment if any. Customer will not receive invoice.
Driver will only ask for Toll and Permit charges from customer.
You can contact driver and pay him those charges if you don’t want customer to pay.

Step 8 (Float Bookings): Once booking is confirmed then go to float bookings on Dashboard. You will see all the bookings confirmed by your customer. Now Click on Float button for the respective booking in order to share bookings with all car owners. System will share Booking details with all the cars owners; all the available car owners will accept the booking.
Step 9 (Float Acceptance): Check button will now be turned to Green after someone accepts the booking. Click on check button to see who all have accepted the booking along with their car photos, reviews etc.. You can choose any car and click on confirm to allot the booking.
Booking Process completed, you shall receive all the details right from trip start to trip end on your mobile app via SMS and notifications.

What is quotation tab on dashboard?

Quotation tab is tab where you will see all quotations shared by you.

What is Upcoming on dashboard?

This tab is the one where you will see your upcoming trips.

What is live tab on dashboard?

The live tab is where you can see all your live trips.

What is completed tab on dashboard?

In this tab, you will get to know about the trips, which have been completed.

What is failed tab on dashboard?

The failed tab is one where you will see your failed trips due to any unfortunate events.

How is minimum billable per day Km & Commission decided?

Minimum daily Km is predefined at 250/300km depending on type of car and city. System will show you the details while creating new booking. These are minimum billed Kms. For Example : Customer hires car for one day outstation which has minimum km billed as 250 per day. But customer completes the trip in 200 Km. In this case billing will be generated for 250kms.

Who decides the pricing?

You decide the rate of customer and offer rate to vendor (Service provider) while creating new booking. Indicative market acceptable price will be shown by the system.

How will I receive the OTP during the start and end of the trip?

OTP will be shared through SMS to the Travellers mobile number.

In the middle of the journey if car breaks down will you provide another car?

In case of such unfortunate events, we shall try our best to provide you with the nearest vendor to the best of our effort.

How is the billing done?

For Outstation trips, it is per km charges + driver allowance + GST (Extra charges :tolls and permits).
For Local and Oneway trips, it is package price + GST (Extra charges: tolls and permits. Extra hours and extra km charged as per.
The trip invoice will be shared by email and sms to you and your customer, but if you select ‘Pay by me’ option then the invoice will only be shared with you.

What are the Cancellation charges?

No cancellation charged shall be levied in the event of cancellation if the cancellation is done before 6 hours from the journey start time, else 20% cancellation charges will be applicable.

What are the offers?

Offers are generally periodic in nature and will be communicated to you by email.

Where can we post our feedbacks or suggestions?

You can share your feedbacks and suggestions via email support@KulDew.com

Who can register on KulDew cloud?

Any legitimate business in travel domain can register as travel agent and anyone owning the t permit Cars can register as car owner.

How many days before booking can be done in advance?

Bookings can be done 90 days in advance.

What type of cars do you provide?

KulDew cloud provides access to all the car type including Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Mini bus, Bus registered by car owners across India.

Can our customer make his or her own bookings?

KulDew Cloud is an exclusively B2B platform and hence customer does not have direct access to make his/her own bookings. However, they can visit your website and do the bookings.

Do you provide Non A/c Cars too?

All the cars registered on KulDew cloud provides A/C service only.

Who will pay toll and permit charges?

Charges of toll and permit can be paid either by traveller or travel agent himself. It has to be paid directly to the driver.

What are the online payment options available?

We have various options available for online payment including net banking, wallets, credit card, debit card & UPI

How the commission will be processed?

Commission will be settled in your KulDew wallet within 24-48 hours of trip completion.

Is there an option for adding multiple cities?

Yes, you can add multiple cities while creating booking.

How many days before the driver information will be provided?

Driver information shall be shared 2 hours before the journey start time.

Does your cars have air bag?

All the features of respective car will be shown for you to select the car with desired features.

Is there a possibility of extending the use of cars more than defined days?

Yes, however If the car is used more than defined number of days then the billing will be adjusted accordingly. You also need to inform driver before extending the trip to ensure his car doesn’t have any booking overlaps.

Who shall be responsible for driver’s stay and food?

Driver’s food and stay will be managed by driver and the car owner.

Do you provide T permit or private car?

Only T permit cars gets registered on KulDew cloud.

When should we float booking ?

You can float booking anytime once your customer confirm the booking. We advise you to float booking well in advance to ensure car availability.

Which locations you can provide cars?

We have cars registered from more than 135 cities in India.

How Much time does it take to get my website via KulDew platform?

Your website will be created within 15 days from the date of activation of your account. However you need to configure it as per your routes and destinations.

Do you provide training support?

Yes, in order to avail the training support call 02248966633 or write us on support@KulDew.com

If I select “Pay by Me” option when do I have to make the payments?

If “Pay by Me” option is selected then the entire amount is to be paid by you while confirming the car or 12 hours before journey starts.

How much % GST is charged?

5% GST is charged on every trip.

Is pick up from multiple location allowed?

Pick up from multiple location is allowed only in case of Local and Outstation trip. Please make sure you inform driver before trip starts.

Is multiple dropping option available?

Multiple dropping is available only in Local and Outstations trips.

If trip ends after midnight, will there be any extra charge?

Yes if your trip end post-midnight 12 am, you have to pay charges for the next day as well.

Are the cars verified on KulDew platform?

Yes, documents of all the cars registered on KulDew cloud are verified and upon expiry of any document car will be automatically moved out of system.

KM reading starts from garage or pickup point?

In case of local trips Km reading starts from garage and in outstation (round trip) it starts from pick up point.

Where can we find car’s Features?

All the respective features of car will be shown on the site for you to select the car with desired features.

What’s the age of cars available on KulDew cloud?

Car age will be shown before confirming the car.

Can itinerary details be changed after booking confirmation?

Once the booking is confirmed itinerary cannot be changed.

Can customer change the itinerary?

No customer does not have authority or access to change the itinerary.

Is local city travel allowed in outstation round trip?

No, it is not allowed.

Does my traveller requires to carry Id proof?

Yes, driver may ask for travellers id proof, so we recommend to carry valid id proof.

How refund is done, if paymentis failed?

Refunds will be processed by payment gateway automatically in case of payment failure.

Can my traveller make balance payment online upon trip ends ?

Yes, it can be paid online, just the traveller have to ask the driver for the payment link post the trip in order to process the payment.

If the trip ends before the scheduled time how will be the billing done?

The billing will be done as the booking information shared before the commencement of journey.

How can I get the wallet cash balance to my bank account?

Wallet cash balance can be claimed to your bank account at any time. Upon receipt of claim request payment shall be processed in 24-48 hours.

Can travel agent keep billing information secure and not share with customer?

Yes, travel agent can choose not to share billing information with their customers by selecting “Pay by Me” option at the time of booking.

What is promo balance?

It is a promotional balance offered by company which can be used only against booking as per terms and conditions.

How can I redeem my promo balance?

Promo balance can be redeemed against booking(s) as per terms and conditions.